Petrenko Anastasia

Petrenko Anastasia

24 года, Минск, Беларусь, высшее образование
+375 (29) 224-XX-XX

Animator, fitnes-trainer, dance instructor

ищу работу в Барселоне, Барселоне, Малаге, Марбелье, Мадриде, Гранаде, 2 000 €, полная занятость

Опыт работы

Flying Stars Dance Studio, Minsk 
1 год 9 мес
Сен 2015 - Июн 2017

Высшее образование

Kiev Dance Academy "My Way", Kiev
2 мес
Июн 2016 - Авг 2016
Belarussian State Economic University , Minsk 
Economist and Manager in touerism industry
4 года 9 мес
Сен 2012 - Июн 2017

Знание языков

Испанский - базовый, Английский - продвинутый, Белорусский - свободно, Польский - базовый, Русский - свободно, Украинский - свободно

Дополнительная информация

Having excellent knowledge in economics, management in tourism industry, hotel industry and catering, I would like to make my career in touristic service sector and apply for such jobs as guest relation agent, event manager, receptionist, animator, dance instructor or fitness-trainer. I appreciate demanding jobs because I am very responsible and sympathetic person, always ready to give a helping hand. I like meeting people, I am sociable by nature and easy to get on with.
I am sure that with my education and knowledge I can be of great value to you. I am confident of my abilities and I have a desire to make a contribution to the success of your organization.

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